Writing out the Storm

Yup, not riding, writing. Do you find that the weather can impact your writing? I certainly do.

I love nothing more than throwing open the windows during a storm and writing my little heart out. Except maybe the electrical storm we had here in England last week. That was scary!

I find that I can write some of my most beautiful scenes during storms. I suppose the fact that I love a good storm changes my mood. Positivity breeds better quality. The whole ambiance of the rain kissing the earth and washing away all the bad inspires me. After the storm a new world awaits full of possibilities. Take off your shoes, step outside into the soaked grass and tell me what you feel.

I feel totally disconnected from humanity and in a place where I can create. A blank canvas where anything goes. I can build a new character from the ground up. I can paint a landscape with words. All of this I can do best during and after a storm.

When it is warm and sunny out, I feel that I can write tender scenes better. These can range from sweet romance to best friends interacting or anything soul baring.

During blustery yet bright days, usually in the autumn, I like to write reflective scenes.

During heavy rain I like to write the big fights. Usually because these scenes can involve a tragic loss, painted darker by the greyness outside.

I have yet to write in the snow which is a shame as I love snow. I would happily build myself a little igloo and live in it.

Of course it is incredibly difficult to build a book following the seasons. However I have found that I can revisit a scene and make it that bit better by having Mother Nature on my side.

So, am I going crazy? Is this the beginnings of the ramblings of a mad woman? Or do you find that the weather can also affect your writing? Try it and see.

Love E.L

6 thoughts on “Writing out the Storm

  1. The weather does affect my writing! I adore the rain as well. It makes my imagination stir up all sorts of ideas. Depending on my mood it can be anything. ha

    • Good to know I’m not the only one 🙂 It’s very hot here today. Would love a bit of rain 🙂 x

      • I’ve found that really hot weather makes it difficult for me to write. I tend to just want to sleep until it cools off.

        • I am with you on that! I tend to hide in doors when the sun is really strong. I am naturally ridiculously pale so the sun just burns and I get really tired like you.

          • So am I! haha Must be the downside of a fair complexion.

  2. I am always in a better mood when it rains and therefore am able to write more. It’s been a while since it’s rained…So you know…

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