What to do…

It’s a big day in the Wicker household. Actually…it’s very quiet, but there’s a good reason for that. Today my husband went back to work for the first time in about two and a half years. He’s not been very well you see, so this is a triumph for him.

Usually at this time of day Bargain Hunt or such like is on the TV. This is after being subjected to the Jeremy Kyle show, which I cannot stand, but Ricky loves. Right now everything is quiet – you could hear a pin drop in here. The only sound is my fingers as I tap tap on the keyboard and the occasional snort from the dog as he chases dream bunnies.

It’s weird, to the say the least. So as I sit here, tapping away, I’m pondering. Dangerous, I know. What ever am I going to do with myself? Should I try to find a job that I can do during school hours. Employment is pretty hard to find, especially if you can only work school hours during term time. I could redecorate the house (I think I just heard my husband groan all the way from London).



I have some tins of paint in the utility room and I never did finish that restoration project I started on the porch….or on the stairs. Yep, I think I’ll finish those. They need doing, but I was going to do them anyway, so that still doesn’t solve my problem.

There’s always the pets to play with.



Or I could take up Parkour, I kind of need to if I want to be a good vigilante 😀

parkourNo, okay that probably wouldn’t end well.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike.


Or, I could learn cross stitch – I used to do that, wasn’t very good.


I could maybe get a treadmill.


Or, join the gym…


I suppose I could work on a new talent.


Or try some cool moves.


Most of those look dangerous. Maybe I should just write. I’ve been having problems on the writing front lately, they’re pretty much solved now, but I did fall waaaay behind. So while I puzzle it out, I’ll write. Sounds pretty darn good to me!!!

3 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. Cross stiching … aah! I started a quilt about oh fifteen years ago and it’s still not finished. I’m horrible at it and it looks terrible, but I still like doing it occasionally. Hope Ricky gets off well and enjoys is return to work.

    • I bought a HUGE football badge to cross stitch for Ricky about 12 years ago – it looked like a plate of spaghetti half way through, and I was looking at the right side. I’d love to make a quilt, but Ricky gets angry eyes when I mention it because I signed up to a sewing magazine subscription a couple of years ago….and all the magazines are still sitting unopened in the cupboard. Didn’t even take them out of the cellophane wrapping! Thank you, Ricky is enjoying it so far! 🙂

  2. Very nice new site/blog! Bravo!
    Reminded me that I never want to be an exercist in a gym … or anywhere, come to think of it.
    Glad Ricky’s well enough to get back to that worky thang (whatever that is).
    Again, bravo!

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