Physical books – do we need them?

The invention of the eReader is, without a doubt, one of my favorite inventions ever. I’ve never been one to keep books. I wanted to, but as my husband was in the army and we moved around often, lugging boxes of books was never an option. I’d buy or borrow them, read, and then return or pass them on. In my possession I have a first edition Harry Potter book, a battered copy of Tess Geritsen’s Never Say Die and a very large and very beautiful hardback of The Appalachian Trail. CD’s and DVD’s – my collection of these reaches the nice, fat round figure of – zero. I have none.

This is why I love the thriving market of digital content. I have the Deezer app on my phone. On that I have every album ever released by Ron Pope, David Guetta’s new album, various Bon Jovi albums and many, many more. I have Netflix which houses some of my favorite series including Chuck, The Vampire Diaries and, much to my daughters delight, H2O. And I have the Kindle app, which includes a library of books large enough to fill my house many times over.

I have no need for physical copies of any of these books, still – I find myself needing to add some of them to my teeny tiny collection. Some books I need to hold and treasure. I know when I run my hands across the cover, I’ll sigh with satisfaction. I want to love them and cuddle them, because something within the pages reached out and wrapped around my heart.

There’s an anthology from Reuts – Fairly Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After which I’m dying to buy, and next year another Reuts publication – Doors, will hit the shelves which I will need to own. There’s a Crimson title – Drive Me Sane which I need in my life. And I need to own some physical copies of some of Mia Sheridan’s titles and Penelope Ward’s.

Do you see the common thread there? Need. The digital copy isn’t enough. I want to feel the weight of them in my hands, inhale the unique scent of a new book and curl up under the light glow of a lamp and turn soft pages as I’m whisked away somewhere beautiful. Just the sound of a page turn, or the beat and flurry of the pages as I search for where I left off gives me a warm feeling. Is it nostalgia? I hope not, because I don’t ever want the physical copy to be defunct. No, it’s satisfaction.

appalachianThe day The Appalachian Trail was delivered to my home was so exciting. It’s a beautiful book full of stunning, breathtaking pictures as well as an in depth history of the trail itself. The book is huge, the cover glossy, the title embossed in gold. The feeling that I got when I ran my fingers over the cover – you can’t get that from an ebook, you just can’t.

There’s a little space just behind my computer desk and I’m hoping that I can put a bookshelf there. I’m going to have to bat my eyelashes a bit, but now that I’ll be able to purchase the books I’ve been drooling over, I’m going to need somewhere to store them.

Physical copies of books are not old-school, and it annoys me when I here them described as so. To me they are as necessary as my eReader. I will always have them. I will always want them. I will always need them. I hope you do, too.



6 thoughts on “Physical books – do we need them?

  1. I am honored that you want Doors to be among your collection of actual books. <3

    • E.L.Wicker

      Of course I do, aside from it being magical and beautiful, it’s also written by this amazing and very crazy person that I <3

  2. I find myself having a “need” for certain books to be on my shelf for all the reasons you list above. And if the power grid ever goes out…. a candle and a good book will be a lifesaver.

    • E.L.Wicker

      Absolutely! I never thought of how handy they’d be in a power outage, another good reason why we’ll always need physical books!

  3. If it hadn’t been for my physical copy, the fine people who shared bus rides with me that week in East Kent wouldn’t have had the delight of actually seeing the beauty that is Fractured Immortal’s cover art, with the and piqued their interest more than any electronic reading device could. Just saying……

    • E.L.Wicker

      Ahh, Linda – I do <3 you! lol. Thank you! Team Awesome all the way!!!! And also, I LOVE physical books - may they live forever!!!

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