A Creative Week

As the working week draws to a close, I feel a lot has been accomplished this week. I rarely think about things like this, but a post I read on another blog got me thinking!

My husband survived his first week of work and he loved it. He’s doing a bricklaying apprenticeship. He already had a couple of weeks training before being let loose onto the building site, so this week he put his new found skills to the test, knocking out bricks and repointing as well as learning how to lay bricks around a window. Oh the plans I have for him! We need a barbecue – a brick one would be lovely. Thanks to Bill, I’ve been on pinterest finding plans, oh yes I have. And I’ve been looking at the possibility of a brick shed, but shhh – don’t tell my husband. I want it to be a surprise. I’m such a lovely wife.

Phoebe did well this week too. She got a gift certificate for most improved handwriting to spend at the school stationary store, and she’s only a few points away from receiving a badge at school. They have a thinking, learning and caring thing they do at her school and each time she gets a certificate, she gets closer to receiving a shiny metal badge. She got another certificate this week, so she’s almost there! Well done Phoebe!

Abbie has also had a great week. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in her art. She’s crazy gifted when it comes to drawing, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother – the girl can draw! And to see an improvement in something I already thought looked amazing is so cool. She also scored highest in her science test, which is awesome. I’m not one of these parent’s that insist her children do amazing academically, but I am always proud when they come home and tell me things like this. Well done Abbie!

I’ve accomplished a few things this week too. I got all the critiques for Nestpitch done – my team are super quick! The words I’ve had the privilege of reading have been so brilliant. These authors have a lot to be proud of!

I decided that I wasn’t sold on the cover I bought for Finding Immortal, so I decided to do it myself. I’m thrilled with the results and I look forward to my cover reveal. I got a lot of writing done too. 12k words this week so far and I aim to make it 20k by Sunday. I WILL slay CampNaNoWriMo! I’ve been trying to regulate my sleeping pattern, and by doing so I seem to be able to write more. Awesome. I also had a book trailer made and I am super psyched over it, I think it’s amazing, but I may be a teeny bit biased. And finally, I made a banner for when Finding Immortal is released. Another thing I’m very happy with. Look!


I’m really happy with it, though I do have the urge to add something. I’m one of those people. “I’ll just add this and this and this and…” until it’s a mess, so I’ve been super restrained. What do you think? Cool banner, or no?

I can’t wait to do my cover and trailer reveal, but I will be patient and wait until it’s time.

So what have you accomplished this week? I want to know!


10 thoughts on “A Creative Week

  1. Accomplishments this week? Uh, it’s school (and work) holidays, yet I did manage to get dressed before 2pm *several* times. High five to me!
    Also took kid camping, despite 3degree Celsius night temperatures (that promise has taken only 11 years to fulfill!) And we survived the experience, although we are in conflict as to whether the lions’ roaring or odd deep-throated chuckling (which may or may not have been a wombat/emu/drop bear) circling our camp in the dark of night were the most terrifying aspect.
    On a literary front, I have loved my WIP. Loathed my WIP. Loved my WIP… etc. Ditto for the one on sub. So, groundhog day there.

    • E.L.Wicker

      LOL at the lion/bear/wombat/emu!!! I’d love to go camping, but deep in the woods, not the prissy camp sites we get here in England. I’m with you on the loving and loathing of the WIP. One minute the words are oozing from my fingers, the next – nada. Well done on your accomplishments and thank you for your comment and taking the time to read 🙂

  2. Love, love the banner and cannot wait for the cover reveal and when the trailer comes out. Sounds like you had a great week … and maybe found some normal sleeping hours? What did I accomplish this week? More gardening, but you knew that. Oh, I drained a bottle of wine … but you knew that, too. Actually it’s been a productive week at work. I got a lot of things done that I’d been putting off and did some cleaning around the office. At home the cleaning continued. A clean house makes me a happy woman! And… I’m now up to 5K on the 12K that I cut from my WIP. Something must be in the air. Great post, glad things are balancing out for you.

    • E.L.Wicker

      Yay!! I’m so pleased you’re back to 5k already! That’s fantastic. And all the tings you’ve done this week – you’re like superwoman. Lets see, I faffed about on photoshop and write a bit, you cleaned your house, the office, did some gardening, wrote, and got things done you’ve been putting off. Superwoman! lol The wine was much deserved in my opinion! I’m so happy you like the banner. Today I’ve been plastering unsuspecting male models in tattoos on photshop. Someone needs to take photoshop away from me! 😀

  3. DO.NOT.CHANGE.THAT. BOOK BANNER. sheer perfection. don’t change it. high impact image.

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you! I promise – I won’t change it. I was just considering going in and adding some smoke to it. Now I’ll behave and leave it alone, thank you!!! 🙂

  4. Love the banner! And bravo on the week.
    Mine was mostly occupado by Sir Napsalot; Gotta start reining him in.

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you! Hopefully once the summer comes Sir.N will leave you to enjoy the sun during the day 🙂

  5. That banner is amazeballs! I love it! In my world, I’ve opted to create a blog schedule so I actually, ya know. Post. 😀

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you! Yes, a schedule is a good idea! Very organized 🙂

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