Oh, Happy Day!

I’ve had a great day today. A really great day. Possibly fuelled by nailing CampNaNoWriMo yesterday—YEAH I DID, BOOM! Today started off as it usually does, got up, got the girls ready for school and off they went. Then I did some spine stretches, yep—I still have a poorly spine, posture people, it’s important! As much as it’s easy to slouch and write, don’t do it, or you’ll end up like me. Sometimes it hurts just to keep my head up, it’s that bad, so look after your spine.

Anyway, spinal lecture over! After said exercises, I opened up my WIP, cut 6k because it HAD to go and carried on writing—like the wind! It poured out today which is great. Now I’m working on the really hard chapter and trying not to bog it down with exposition, because I have a habit of using too many words to describe something. So, lots of writing = good! My husband had a rare glance of me working on my MS today. I usually write at night when no one can disturb me. He kept on asking – what? Because I talk to myself constantly when I’m writing. So he probably thinks I’m even stranger now.

Then I caught up with some of my favorite shows. Is anyone else pissed that Roy has been written out of Arrow? I’m seriously sad. I mean, look at that cute face!


Speaking of cute faces, I had a conversation with the ladies of Walrus yesterday which was pretty funny. My opinion is Katniss sucks because she chose Peeta and not Gale, I mean. COME ON. Look at THAT face! (then that face).

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 19: Liam Hemsworth and  Josh Hutcherson visit The Marilyn Denis Show  on March 19, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Sonia Recchia/WireImage)

What can I say, I’m shallow when it comes to make believe. Diana (one of the ladies of Walrus) asked me if I’d seen the honest trailer to Hunger Games MJ1 – I have, but for those of you who haven’t: (my favorite bit starts at about 3:02)

You’re Welcome.

I’m waffling again, I apologize, I’m high on happy. On to more of why this day rocked. My amazingly talented friend had her book released into the world today! I’m super excited for her, what an achievement! And the cover her publisher hooked her up with is AWESOME. Happy book birthday, Kate!

I also messed around with photoshop, because it’s fun and you can do cool stuff on there. Then I got back to writing and while doing that I started to think of the journey my characters have been on so far. I think they’ve grown a lot. To reminisce about how they used to be, I plugged my headphones in and hit play on Passenger Let Her Go and all the feels I got, wow. That song started everything, so chills, slight lump in throat and major reflection ensued. I think that’s what got me feeling so good. Thinking back to when I didn’t even have a word on the page, and slowly, oh so slowly, I created a book. It just made me feel pretty great.

Funny though, all these things probably don’t add up to my giddy feeling right now, but there we go, they do. The progress on my WIP really helped, too. Also (and I am hyper aware that I’m rambling now, but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to, typed to the tune of it’s my party) it’s a long weekend here in England, which means I get to stay up late today AND tomorrow AND the next night! Yay! Being awake at night makes me happy!

Anything good happen in your day today? I wanna know! It’ll make my day even better.

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