A Dinner Date to Remember

Today we took the girls out to dinner to our local Harvester restaurant. It was lovely to all go out to eat together and the kids were particularly happy. For all of you with children, you’ll know that when children reach a certain level of bubbly, they start to ask random questions and say random things. Abbie is eleven and Phoebe is ten.

So, for your entertainment, here are just a few of the little nuggets they came out with.

Abbie: Mum, what does Me casa es tu casa mean?

Me: My house is your house.

At this point Abbie pauses for a few moments then…

Abbie: Are you part of the Spanish Illuminati?

Okay Then.

Following on from this diamond conversation, Phoebe chirped in:

“I was watching a youtube video about the creator of My Little Pony being a part of the Illumnati.”

She didn’t miss a beat when she then said:

“And if it wasn’t an Aprils Fool’s joke, the reasons seemed fair to me.”

A little time later, Abbie broke into song. These are the words:

“I’m the A to the B to the B I E, No one makes steamy tea better than me…I’m Abbielicious.”

This she repeated several times before asking me:

“Would you rather be a Unicorn, a Pegasus or an Earth Pony?”

I learned a long time ago just to answer these questions without complaint or debate. I, of course, replied Pegasus—they can fly!!!

By this time, the song Abbie had sung had obviously been doing the rounds in Phoebe’s brain, because she came out with this:

“I’m the P to the H to the O E B E, And no one loves Panada’s more than me, I’m Phoebelicious.”

Once the food arrived, we then got into a lengthy debate on what the salad leaves tasted like. I said they tasted like nuts, Phoebe said they tasted like leaves and Abbie then said they tasted like something that shouldn’t be debated about. (Wiseass.)

So that was the conversation around the dinner table this evening, I’m still recovering from it.



4 thoughts on “A Dinner Date to Remember

  1. That made me LOL. Sounds like a blast!

    • E.L.Wicker

      They can be so funny sometimes 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    looks good hope it is as good when we go back in June

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thanks, Dad! lol

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