Best News EVER!!! (I’m freaking out.)

I am drooling! And for once, it’s not because of this guy:

roy_harper_f1Ohhh, now that I added that picture, I might be drooling over him just a little bit.

But, no – he’s not the reason for my ecstatic ‘lock her away quick before she hurts something’ bouncing around, shoving my phone in peoples faces and crying LOOK!

The reason is THIS:

Fractured Immortal has been long listed for an award! Seriously!! I even have a badge! (cue badge) - Award Winning Books

Oh me oh my!!

I got an email a few weeks back from BookHippo Crew to let me know it was being considered and I just though, jeez – out of all the ridiculous amount of PNR published last year, I’ve got no chance, so really, I just forgot about it. Then I got an email this evening to let me know it made it and now it’s there (here) standing in a list of some exceptional PNR, one of which is already on my TBR list because it sounds so good and it crops up every now and then in conversation in the book world I frequent, so the chances of mine getting any further, I dunno – we’ll see, but for now – Oh my giddy aunt! (I am aware that 1. that was a very long sentence and 2. most people won’t know what oh my giddy aunt means, but I don’t want to swear so that will suffice.) My vampires are feeling the love!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the BookHippo Crew for spending such a long time pouring over my work and the work of others. There are several categories, some with as many as twelve books in them. It must’ve taken a considerable amount of time and effort to organize. So thank you.

To take a look at all of the other categories and all of the wonderful books in them, visit here!

And, to grab a free copy of my book, you can go here.

8 thoughts on “Best News EVER!!! (I’m freaking out.)

  1. Bravo, Em. Well deserved (and not surprising to this ol’ fard)!

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you, Jake!! I’m so thrilled 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!!!! Well deserved 🙂

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. Congrats, Emma! 🙂

    • E.L.Wicker

      Thank you! 🙂

  4. Maria

    Congrats! I just read Fractured Immoral and I love it! Great writing, story line, and love all the characters personalities. Getting ready to buy Finding Immoral and I am so excited to read it! Will there be more books in the series??

    • E.L.Wicker

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed Fractured Immortal. I am currently writing book 3, so definitely more to come from Ilia and co 🙂

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