Reaching Out

I’ve been a busy little bee! Nestpitch, writing my book, designing its cover and some graphics for when it’s ready to go, go, go and I even have a book trailer, which I can’t wait to show you all. However, as well as all of that, I’ve been doing a little something else which I have kept relatively close to my chest.

A group of authors have come together and written an Anthology to raise money for a charity called United Through Reading. This amazing charity helps military families stay in touch when mum or dad is deployed overseas, providing video calls and books so that parent and child can read aloud to each other while many miles apart. Last year this charity filmed in 157 locations, providing children with 25,889 books and allowing 103,556 families to see each other via video.

nbySharon Johnston and I have teamed up with 8 other author to compile an anthology of Shakespeare retellings entitled, Never Be Younger, releasing on June 9th. 100% of the proceeds are going to the United Through Reading charity. I am reaching out and would be honored if anyone would consider signing up to the blog tour please! HTML packs will be provided and there are options to review, interview or, if your pressed for time, just a promotional post which is an easy copy and paste. You can sign up here. The tour is running from the 11th of June until the 24th of June and there is also an option to take part in the release day blitz, which is on the 9th of June. I would be extremely grateful if any of you would consider joining us in helping to promote Never Be Younger. Thank you!


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