MY #Pitchwars Survival Tips

Many have been there, some are new, and some have chosen to put themselves through it all again. I’m talking the cold sweat inducing, sleep depriving, cookies-are-now-my-best-friend craziness that is #PitchWars. Maybe some find the whole thing easy, but make no mistake, it is hard. It’s the biggest pitch competition of the year, it’s not supposed to be a piece of cake. The agonizing wait will likely get to you at some point.

Having been there before, I have a good idea about the little things that helped me, so here they are for your perusal.

Funny videos are your friend!! Last year Kate Foster (one of your MG mentors for this year) and I kept ourselves gliding on the lighter side of life by exchanging hilarious videos. From the cute to the funny with a side of evil (oh you know those are the best), we kept the laughs coming and as a result occupied ourselves enough not to turn into blithering messes…mostly.

Bring on the gifs!!! So many…soooooo many gifs flew back and forth last year ranging from the ‘it’s-okay-I-got-you’ to the ‘let’s-fall-into-a-cake-coma’ and they really do help. Find the most amusing ones that you can, and share! People will be grateful that you did!

Play the games. There are always lots of little games on the pitchwars feed, from which actor would play your antagonist, to tweeting out a certain line on a certain page of your manuscript. Take part in these because they are a great tool to hedge your attention away from the waiting.

This next one is one I’m stealing from Veronica Bartles. You may be trawling the pitchwars feed like your life depends on it. Each time a mentor tweets out a comment on a manuscript, if it’s positive – IT’S YOURS!!! Every single one of them are yours. And if they are ‘passes’ don’t worry – NOT YOURS!!! Live and die by this.

Buy some carrots, or bananas, or other stuff that won’t leave you in a sugar induced coma. One thing we all found last year is that we turned to sugary goods to get through the difficult times. I believe mars milkshake was my poison of choice. Back away from those evil things right now. Arm yourself with healthy snacks to chew on while rocking in front of the #pitchwars feed and leave the packaged poison on the shelf.

DON’T FORGET THE CHILDREN!!! Remember them? Apparently, they need feeding, and attention, and stuff. Who knew? Definitely don’t forget them. I recommend microwave meals until further notice.

Talk. To everyone. So many friendships can be forged during pitchwars. Personally, I found my editor Kate Foster, and my critique partners Kathleen Palm, Diana Pinguicha, and Natasha Raulerson during last years pitchwars, as well as a whole bunch of amazing people. Those that are going through the same thing as you are invaluable, and will eventually become awesome friends.

Watch Whiskey, Wine, and Writing!! This may seem a shameless plug, but actually I wasn’t a part of the show this time last year, and just watching it helped immensely. Natasha and I will talk about everything pitchwars related, and you never know, you might spot another mentor or two on the show. We also have interviews with authors and in those you’ll find little nuggets of advice for your future works.

If you really want to forget it all for a moment or two, then (and I have no shame) you can always download a FREE copy of my book Fractured Immortal from amazon and pretty much everywhere else.

Finally, I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. I am standing on the sidelines shaking my pom-poms and doing scary little dances. May the odds be ever in your favor 😉


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  1. Yes, I’m so glad we all found each other in PitchWars! Our Sunday chats are one of the highlights of my week!

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