A Thanksgiving Message

Social media is alive today with well wishes to everyone on Thanksgiving. From Facebook to…actually, just Facebook because I can’t even remember the last time I logged onto Twitter. (Note to self, connect Twitter to newnotsonew phone.) As an English citizen, we don’t celebrate it over here, but with a huge amount of my friends coming from America, it’s nice to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. As I said, Facebook is packed with cute or feel good pictures, so I’ll just say it here, while shouting out a few mentions to some awesome people.

Dena – hope you’re having an awesome day. Don’t worry about the pie crust. Pie’s pie – yum!

Jake—I hope thanksgiving on the beach is fun. I’m sending rays your way to chase away any rain that attempts to mess up your wawa plans.

Bill—I hope the Cunningham family have a wonderful day. That’s what I’d say if I was having coffee with you, and I’d probably try to convince you to make me something Mexican too.

Kathy—How’s the oven? Ready for dinner, I hope! Hope you all have an awesome day!

Rebecca—It’s so awesome you’ve joined us at LWP, but for today kick back and relax. You’re such a busy woman anyway, you deserve it!

Kate—yeah, I know you’re a Brit stick, but whatevs, love ya! Give Claude a lick from me. On the face. Ha. (You have to now that I’ve said it.)

And for everyone else, the same goes. Hope you all have a wonderful day. While you’re all getting ready for what I hope is a lovely day, I must get back to work before Kate sends the flying monkeys after me. She does that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would totally do this.

I would totally do this.

5 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Message

  1. The oven is doing great, though we will be eating all the Thanksgiving things tomorrow because Jas is working, police have to work all the time. But Ella and I made PIES! HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO! I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!

  2. Thank you, Em. DB was great; wawa a bit chill, but not quite holy water. And a first: some guy new to me came up and told me he’d heard a couple of my radio ads. Whee!

    Also recommended to MANY peeps that they try smearing some peanut butter on a corner of their turkey (white meat only, on the plate, not in the overn) for an intriguing new taste (sounds awful, tastes great, IMO).

    Hope NaNoWriMo is going superblatively for ya, and pls do the newnotsonewphone thingie. Miss ya!

    • E.L.Wicker

      Oh, I failed miserably at Nano – 2k, lol! Oh well, theres always next year. Turkey with peanut butter – I might actually give that a go! You haven’t steered me wrong yet! So glad you were able to get to DB and hop in the wawa, even if it was a little on the chilly side. Yes! I will hook up my phone – I miss you too! I love our chats!

  3. I stuffed my pie hole, entertained a houseful, and watched two good movies with my hubby. Tomorrow it’s back to editing! So thankful to be a part of your team and for your awesomeness!

    • E.L.Wicker

      Glad you had a good day! And thank you 🙂 <3 I'm glad you're part of it too!

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