New Year, New Books, New Playlist

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2015 was great, but I hope 2016 is even better! I know at the beginning of the years it’s customary to make resolutions. Never one to follow the rules, I decided not to, but I do have goals. Some of those3 include finally learning how to drive—because it’s just silly that I don’t have a license, writing more (of course – I’d say that’s on most of our lists) and I also want to work on my design skills so I can create more elaborate covers. I’m doing one at the moment for a friend’s contemporary romance and it’s taking me the longest time because I want it to be perfect. So those are just a few of my goals, any of you got any? Do tell! I wanna know!

I think this post is mostly going to be a rambly one about all the things I have planned. I want to get more active back on social media, I miss you all there, especially you Jake! Definitely need to get Forever Immortal finished. I stuck Stripped on the backburner but only for a short while because one of the other books in that same standalone contemporary romance is shouting at me louder so I’m working on that. It’s not a break from the norm, same hot dude, hot sex, etc. I was just floundering with Stripped because I couldn’t find the character’s individual conflicts—their individual stories if you like. What I had seemed flimsy, but what I have for book 2 (now book 1) just has more substance about it. Same goes for the 3rd book in that same standalone series, so I don’t really know why one has gone quiet. I’ve already written a lot of it so hopefully it’ll come to me and then I can finish it up.

I’m looking forward to finishing Freeing Immortal, but as well as the other two books in the Bearwood series, it saps the energy out of me. I think it’s because they are such an emotional rollercoaster and I’m always right there with the characters putting myself through the highs and lows of what they’re doing—especially book 2, and believe me, book 3 is worse. I suppose this is just one of the disadvantages of trying to make myself feel whatever they’re going through. I’ve written before about how I naively thought that writing a contemporary romance might be a little easier on me. This is not the case. I firmly believe that it’s harder. Indeed, I find it a struggle not to put my darlings in treacherous situations, but the biggest struggle, I find, is keeping it interesting. One of my best friends in the writing community (yes, Dena, I’m talking to you) is such an awesome romance writer and I don’t know how she does it. Tell me!! 😀

Anyway, one thing I’ve always done on here and Twitter is to create a list of songs to write to or to get me in the mood to write. These always range from downright depressing, to maybe a little more upbeat, and there are, of course, always the violins, right Bill?

So here is my list for the beginning of the year, it’s a little more upbeat than usual, but that’s because the new books aren’t as dark as The Bearwood Series. And do be warned, I’ve become addicted to hunting down new stuff on Spotify as well as being introduced to new stuff by my friend, Kyle.

Blake Shelton—Gonna

Tyler Farr—Withdrawals

Lissie—Go Your Own Way

Jon McLaughlin—Beautiful Disaster

Thomas Rhett—Crash and Burn

Naughty Boy—So Strong

Jesse Ware—Wildest Moments

Florida Georgia Line—Take It Out On Me

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