It’s Been a Long Old Road #amwriting #wwwblogs

I want to start off this blog post by thanking the people who go out of their way to check up on me. For sure, it’s been a tough year and a half. I can’t quite figure out when I lost my ability to write, but for sure – I lost it. We’re talking mega writers block, but worse still, almost an admittance of defeat … almost. My major problem has been that when trying to write Bearwood Book 3, the words will simply not come. They just won’t. I have the story, I have the (what I think is an) epic finale, and I know how it all ties together. But writing it … I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be unable to. So, instead of giving up writing completely and waiting for it to reveal itself, I worked on stuff here and there. I made people book covers (and as always, if you are a friend of mine or a struggling author that cannot afford a cover, my arms are open and I’ll provide you a free one), I helped others with their writing, and I wrote myself. Not a lot. Sometimes a few thousand words a day, sometimes a few hundred words every couple of months, but I wrote. And somehow, I managed to write a book. It’s not the book I particularly wanted to be the next one I released, but hell, it’s a book. And I love it. It’s light, maybe a teeny bit dark in places, because no one can pull the darkness from my head, nor would I want them to. It’s beautiful, it’s raw because there’s a whole helluva lot of 1st hand knowledge in there. And I can’t wait to unleash it. Won’t be long now.

Oh! I also started my Masters in Psychology. It is hell on earth! So intense and a lot of the time I feel like I haven’t got time to breathe. Take a look at this madness!

I need to send out some special thanks, too. To Dena, who I pretty much know by now will always be there when I finally have words. To Jake, I miss our nightly chatter. Know that I hold you in the highest regard and no one ever made me laugh as much as you do. To Bridgette. I’m holding good on my promise ;). To the ladies of Walrus, who never ever severed what we have even though we’re all busy what with school, having babies (congratulations again, Natasha), and working our butts off. And finally to Lara, who took me to the top of the world, and also provided good advice, thank you. Check out the amazing photo I took when Lara took me to the top of the world. 😀

And here’s one that I know the readers of The Bearwood Series will appreciate! <3

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