Dear Sensitive Writer

Dear Sensitive Writer,


There are many forms of writers. We’re all deeply different with varying personalities. Some of us have thick skin, some of us are unbreakable, some of us are fragile, and some of us are broken. And you know what? That’s okay. I myself am a sensitive soul. There have been times I’ve been called weird or not normal. Other times I’ve been called weak—even bipolar (I’m not, btw. As an almost psychologist I know I’m not). These names hurt me deeply. They make me cry, make me sad. They really make me hurt. Someone once asked me—why does everything have to hurt you? And it made me think. Why DO I let things hurt me? Why do I fall into despair, crumble a little, and feel totally unloved? I pondered that possibly because someone calling you names is going to hurt no matter what. But I also pondered in particular, being called weak. It is true. I am weak. If weak means I’ll do whatever someone loves of me asks, then yes, I am weak. But am I intrinsically weak? Hell, no. I need just look back on my life to see what a stubborn little fighter I am. During this pondering I undertook, I realized something. Something profound. My sensitivity makes me a better writer. Usually using music, I can take myself back to when something really hurt me, and I can use the pain I feel to write a painful scene. I can take the love that I experience every day from my little tribe, and write that on to a page. Our feelings—our sensitivity—that is out arsenal.


Dear sensitive writer:

Take your feelings and color them with words. Take your pain and use it to make your characters come to life. Take your love and write an epic romance scene. Take the people that you’ve come across in your life who have really done you over, and make them your villain. Take the people who have loved you unconditionally, and make them your hero. Take your sensitivity and your weirdness, and allow it to shine, because if it makes you a stronger writer, then … winner winner chicken dinner!

Now go forth and write!

Talk to me - I love to waffle back!