My #Pitchwars Wishlist – Blog Hop

Cue music – “It’s the most wonderful time of the year …” It’s Pitchwars! And I am sooooo so so excited!

I love it like I love chocolate. I love it like I love gaming. I love it like I … aww, who am I kidding? I love it MORE! There’s just something about finding an MS and polishing it that makes me drooooool.

In case you didn’t know already (and I hope you do, because clue is in the title of my website … or my tag on Twitter, or y’know, the name on my books) I’m Emma 😀 I’m an INDIE and PROUD. I also acquire manuscripts for Lakewater Press and I love it. I love a lot of things so one thing I want you to do when you submit to me is know that I weigh each equally. So first, let me tell you what I write, kay? Kay! Out in the world I have two new adult paranormal romance and one adult contemporary romance. Hidden on my PC I have one sci-fi and a very loose outline for a speculative fiction.

Wanna see my books? Wanna, wanna? Well, okay.














And now is where I’m going to boast, because I want you to choose me! So, if boasting is what I have to do then here goes. My debut book, Fractured Immortal, did super well. It sold well, gained me a lovely audience, and went on to win an award, so yay!

Last year was my first year as a Pitchwars mentor and the beautiful author that I mentored has now signed with an agent with the manuscript that we worked on. It’s an incredible manuscript and while I would LOVE to take credit for her success, she was amazing to start with, but I’m boasting about it anyway. I have been a CP for several agented and traditionally published and indie authors. I adore it. I truly do. There is nothing more satisfying than helping to polish a gem.

So … what will you get if you choose me?

My total dedication to your manuscript. I will go through it with a fine-tooth comb twice (at least) before it gets put in front of the agents. Last year my mentee and I were super organized. We worked on a chapter per day at the minimum, and by the time the agent round was upon us, we were so ready. I am kind in my comments and my approach. I’m fully aware that your manuscript means so much to you, but if there are heavy edits to be made, characters to cut, or major overhauls in places, I expect you to be able to take these on. You MUST be willing to work hard. If you think your manuscript is perfect and nothing needs to be changed then neither myself, or any other mentor, is a good fit for you.


So … what do I want?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Amiright? I’m mentoring NA and Adult, so there’s your first clue!

My list is varied, which matches my writing, but I’m not just throwing out genres for the sake of it. I will seriously consider everything that is sent to me, because I WANT them!


Contemporary Romance – I love CR with every drop of blood in my veins. Give me all the tropes. Friends to lovers, Enemies to lovers, Best friends brother, and on and on, but spare me the billionaires, love triangles, and absolutely no cheating please. Specifically, for all CR I want sex, so please don’t send me behind close doors. Give me all the sex, and if you have tension too – gold star for you, my friend.


Paranormal Romance – I want kickass female leads. If your female protag is a shrinking violet, this is not for me. If part of her arc is becoming a kickass wonder woman, yes please. I love demons and angels, and I also love witches and vampires, oh yeah I do (see my books for proof) so yus, submit to me. There’s nothing specifically that I don’t love (beyond the shrinking violet) so that’s pretty wide. Again, this is a PNR so I want all the sex please.


Sci-Fi/Spec-Fic – I’m bingeing sci-fi presently. I love time travel, futuristic worlds where the line between good and bad is ambiguous, and parallel universes. I’ve also got (what I think is an amazing) spec-fic loosely outlined on my PC, so yes, give me those. I’m quite open, so shoot me your MS.


Urban Fantasy – I want your gritty, your fantastic, your … you know what, see here and then submit to me!


Crime, Thrillers & Mysteries – I’m a huge fan of James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, and Patricia Cornwell and have even shared a conversation or two with Andrew Gross. I’ve read nearly all the aforementioned authors books as well as books by Jefferson Bass and Michael Connely to name but a few. I want your procedurals, forensics, and anything that’s going to keep me guessing.


So, to recap, if you’re sending me romance, I want all the sex, if you’re sending me another genre, then romance within those will be very well received. Please don’t send me historicals, lit-fic, or memoirs. They are not my strength and it will be a wasted submission and I so very much want you to succeed and would be very sad if you wasted a shot at a mentor.

I wish you all an amazing pitchwars!



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