Nails, Fails and a Big Fluffy Duck

Yaaawn, it’s been a crazy November (and last day of October) so far. As if NaNoWriMo wasn’t enough to keep me occupied, I’ve also been preparing Fractured Immortal for release. And next week, I’ll be doing the cover reveal, with a link to preorder the digital copy from Amazon. The paperbacks will take a little bit longer but should be out by then end of January. On to the Halloween post!!

I love Halloween, not as much as I love Christmas but I still love it. This year we did a party for the children and I’m glad we did as they really enjoyed themselves. I’ve taken a lot of photos and made a couple of slide shows, the bottom one is the BEST!

We went to the local cheapskate shop and bought the Halloween decorations – I didn’t spend over 65 pence on any of those. Actually, the food and drink cost the most but still, very reasonable. The run up to Halloween was crazy. My friends wanted to go out on Halloween night but as I was doing the party for the children, it didn’t look like I’d be able to make it but my awesome friends moved it until later so I was able to go. Awesome – except, I didn’t have a costume. So we hunted around on Amazon for something to wear, it had to be Amazon for the next day delivery service. Most of the things I saw were tiny bits of clingy material and had the word ‘sexy’ in front of it. I’m no prude, but I fail to see why these costumes were so revealing.Β  Had I missed something over the years – is ‘Sexy Ghostbuster’ now a bona fide Halloween type costume? I dunno. So, I chose something that was neither sexy, nor scary. A big fluffy duck << had to really watch for typo’s there, the title of this post was almost something quite different! So I got the duck costume, tried it on, AWESOME but it was pretty scratchy on the skin. It would do. Sadly I never got to wear it out as the plans changed but here’s a picture of my trying it on.


Anyhoo, we set about decorating the house for the party, my poor house now has a few more nail holes in but I think it looked pretty good once we finished (but as you can see I haven’t gotten round to refinishing the other door post yet :D)

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As you can see, we’re not fabulous at decorating and there were more decorations but every time we put them up, they fell back down again, Fail! But the children really enjoyed themselves and had a great time apple bobbing for prizes and sticking their hands in liquid brains for goodies. They danced, ate, played and had fun trick or treating.

I mentioned before that we have a really cool garden center not far from us and they put on some awesome displays. I took some snaps because I wanted to share them with you, I think you’ll agree – they’re pretty cool!

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2 thoughts on “Nails, Fails and a Big Fluffy Duck

  1. Holy crap those decorations are awesome!

  2. Your house looks SPOOKTACULAR!! And the garden center- WOW! I still love the duck costume and even though you would have smothered in it, it would have been totally fun to see everyone’s reaction. It’s the complete opposite of what most costumes are these days.
    Glad everyone had fun. I’m sure it earned you some mommy points πŸ™‚

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