A little confession…

Time to fess up. I wrote yesterday how I should just leave my finished book alone, no more messing with it, put it away and continue with the second. Well… I didn’t. I messed with it. Let me tell you why. I had some feedback from someone that inspired me to make changes that I think will be positive. The whole idea on getting feedback is not to ignore it – if you think it will enrich your story then use it, right?

As writers we struggle with when to stop. When to put the pen down or close the document – step away from the pad or keyboard. It’s just part of who we are. But, if you think – if you really, really think that your story will benefit from the changes then why not at least give it a shot? Don’t play it safe. Do your worst, it might turn out to be your best. I’ll let you know how it turns out. One thing I am doing though is making sure that I don’t mess around with the original document. I’ve saved it under a different name so that if I make changes and I end up being dissatisfied with those changes – I still have my original untouched file to fall back on. Do this. Always have your original in case you royally mess it up.


Love E.L

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