Finding a balance

In the blur of busy life finding time to write can be difficult. How do you juggle work, children, chores, hobbies, socializing and writing? How can you possibly find a balance when there’s just so much that needs doing?

I write at night. On the rarest occasion I may get a few words down in the day but without a doubt the majority of my writing is done at night. There’s jut far too much going on in the day, it is impossible to concentrate.

At one point I was a prolific gamer, ranking in the top ten for a certain multiplayer game that I loved but I had to give it up. I just didn’t have the time to game and write.

There have been times where I have sat up until 4am whittling my little fingertips down with my incessant typing. Then there have been times where I just haven’t made it to bed at all! The days that follow those nights are not fun at all.

I don’t go out as much as I used to. Sure, a night out with the girls would be great – but think of the amount of writing I could get done if I stayed in.

I’ve made sacrifices so that I could write. I have – I loved that multiplayer game!

I think it’s important to write regularly, even if it’s only a few hundred words a day but finding a balance is tough. How do you do it? Can it even be done? I would love to know.


Love E.L

6 thoughts on “Finding a balance

  1. I write mostly at night too. And I gave up games a loooong time ago (though I was never prolific).

    • It was with a heavy heart that I gave up my gaming. I loved it – really, really loved it. Sometimes I wonder if part of the enjoyment was because I was so good at. I hit #5 globally in the ranking and had I not given it up, I would have worked the rest of the way up eventually. But by gaming what am I contributing? Not a great deal! It was distracting me from writing and I hope I’m pretty good at that too. It remains to be seen but if I am, at least I am contributing to someone else – if someone reads my book and enjoys it, if it helps them escape from reality for the duration that they are reading it then that is better than being good at a computer game I hope 🙂

  2. I used to love playing World of Warcraft. I still miss it 🙁 I stopped because I felt the time wasn’t being invested into anything that made me feel worthy. When I stopped, I filled that space with reading – which lead me to writing. It’s such a big part of who I am ( gaming) and I aim to get back to something like that one day 🙂 Maybe play with my son!

    • I agree with you there. Being good at a game is a nice feeling but that’s about it, it doesn’t contribute anything to anyone. You found reading and then writing through giving it up for a bit. Seems like a win to me! And like you said, you can always take it up again later and I bet you and your son will enjoy it! Plus, by playing with him you are contributing to his enjoyment 🙂

      • I was always so bad at arena matches :s I used to freeze up and then get so cranky! My temper was a huge reason for stopping too. And I found myself getting all riled up by the young kiddies 1/3 of my age. I wished their was an adult only server.Probably best there wasn’t though..

  3. Ashley @ Sitting In The Stacks

    Balance is hard at any age or with regards to any aspect of life. I think one of the hardest things to balance as a student, writer, blogger, etc is the time you spend alone working on your own things and the time you spend with others (whether that be loved ones or just engaging with a person face-to-face). Work or play, work or play, work or play….the endless question!

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