The Little Things We Do

I’m inspired by my cat to write this. Yes, that’s right. My cat. He has a weird habit of eating with his paws. Rather than shove his face into his food, he picks up each piece of meat with his claws and eats it that way. I have no idea why he does it and he doesn’t do it all the time, but still, I find it funny. My other cat, Connie, she chases her tail like a dog and the dog, Monty, he tries to climb onto my lap as if he’s a cat and not a 45kg giant Labrador. I think we have a bit of an identity crisis going on in my house.


Anyway, those little things they do got me to thinking about the little things we all do. Is it just me, or do most men like to sit cupping their junk? Why is that? Hmm. I don’t know about you, but if I sat with my hand in my pants I’m pretty sure it’d make people uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll sit with my hands in my bra instead? I can hardly talk. When we’re drunk me and my friends have a tendency to flash. Not when we’re out clubbing, we’re not like that. Just when we’re having drinks round each others houses. At some point in the evening, the ‘nipple talk’ inevitably comes up where one will moan about theirs while the other says they’re fine with usually another bouncing around dancing with boob puppets (usually me).


We all have little things we say or do a lot. I scratch the side of my head when I’m stressed. I also have a very strong urge to sing ‘Silent Night’ like a choir boy every time ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ by Cliff Richard plays. And lastly, (but not really last), I feel it pertinent to let everyone know when I feel unwell. You shall all suffer with me through my gregarious whining. I may be a woman, but I get man flu worse than any man I know. True story.


When I’m writing characters, I like to give some of them tics. Lucas from Fractured Immortal purses his lips, raises his brow and nods. Evangeline scratches the side of her head – took my cue from Bill there. Hey, I can use that!

So what little things do you all do? Is there something you tend to do often in certain situations? I’d love to know.

4 thoughts on “The Little Things We Do

  1. Good thing I finished my tea or I would have spit it out while reading this. Things I do … I tuck my bottom lip inside my mouth when I’m thinking hard. It makes me look like I have buck teeth : /

    Great post!

    • lol! It’s funny how the things we do can make us look a little strange yet we do them over and over. 🙂

  2. I don’t cup my junk 🙁 But, I do hold my left hand to the side of my face, with my pinky finger under my lower lip when I am in serious thought.

    • Does the cat sit on your lap while you do that? lol. Reminds me of a villain in a film 😀 I find the cupping of ones junk very unhygienic, I’m glad you don’t do it 🙂

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