My non-traditional writing prompts

I know a lot of people tend to use writing prompts when they’re a bit flummoxed. I do too, though not in the traditional sense. This post is a direct result of a conversation I had the other day regarding writing prompts and what works for an individual.

So, what is a writing prompt?

A writing prompt is usually a statement, sentence or question around which you will construct a story or answer.

In their traditional sentence, they rarely work for me. What they will do is get me writing, no doubt about that, but they get me writing something different from what I want to write and when I go back to my manuscript I am still none the wiser and that stupid wall goes up again. I don’t know if many of you have that problem, but I do – and I found a solution.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I love music. And you’ll know that I turn to it when that stupid wall rises up and blocks my path. Nine times out of ten, music will get me writing because I need to feel it. I need to feel everything my characters are going through, good and bad.

Below is a bunch of youtube videos, of my favorite songs that can get me writing again and when I use them.

First of all, I need something motivational!

Houdini, by Foster The People.

Focus on your ability people. (Listen, you’ll see what I mean)

Then, once I’m a little bit more focused, I need something that can relate to my characters emotions.

For sad romantically charged scenes (and the song that inspired Fractured Immortal):

Let Her Go, by Passenger

And for emotionally wrecking scenes, the scenes where I really deliver the tears to my characters and where I want them to feel like their heart is being ripped out.

Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto played by Taylor Davis

For those scenes where your characters will do anything for each other to guide them through crap times (I know – I’m so eloquent :/)

I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison

For those heart wrenching moments where love is not reciprocated, and fresh from a scene in Finding Immortal:

Love’s To Blame by For King and Country (previously Joel and Luke)

And for those all important battle scenes that I love to write:

Holiday by Green Day (It just inspires me to kick ass)

And when I finally get some forward movement in my writing, a celebratory ‘feel good’ track:

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

And that is my list. I have tonnes more songs, but some of these I go back to time and time again to help pulverize the wall. So this is my kinda writing tip!

Talk to me - I love to waffle back!