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My amazing critique partner, Kathy, wrote a post this week about some of the things she’s experienced on the road to getting published. It’s a great article, and you can read it here.

Throughout most of Kathy’s writing life, she’s been flying solo, doing it all herself, with very little (as in zero) in the way of support. Her achievements are mighty and I’m in awe of everything that she’s done. Which leads me to think about my own experiences, which are not at all like Kathy’s.

When I started out writing Fractured Immortal, it was just me and a pad for maybe a couple of weeks. Then I found Twitter and met some amazing people on there who were all in varying stages of the writing process. Of course, I had the internet to run to whenever I ran into a problem too, so that was very helpful. Because of changing times, there’s a plethora of information on writing available to anyone who runs a search – which I did, on many, many occasions. This wasn’t the case for Kathy, she really did do it all on her own.

In June (I think) of last year, I dipped my toe in the slush comp pond and from that I met more amazing writers. Everything I thought I knew changed. Turns out I didn’t know very much at all. I partnered up with Kathy and Kate, Sarah cast her eyes over my queries too, then I partnered up with Tasha as well, who orchestrated a new critique partner group consisting of me, Kathy, Tasha and Diana – so I gained Diana too – I’m such a lucky girl.

This is us!


Then NaNoWriMo hit and Dena, who I’d been friends with for ages on Twitter (and someone I totally fangirled after reading her awesome book), took part in NaNo and we spurred each other on. From that, another new partnership was forged. So, on my side I now have: Tasha, Kathy, Sarah, Kate, Dena and Diana. These guys are all, in some way, responsible for my growth as a writer. Add to this the people who beta read my manuscript – Jake, Nancy and Nori, Kate too – (she can basically do everything, that girl, AND she edited Fractured Immortal!) as well as some others – wow, check out all the support I had and still have.

Years of learning and information was canned up and fed to me in a short space of time and the change in my writing because of it is massive. I still have a lot to learn, but I have so many people to lean on, it’s pretty amazing. I appreciate everything these guys have done and continue to do for me. I honestly don’t know how Kathy managed it all by herself – she’s flippin superwoman.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to these guy’s, which is a bit crap – being a writer and all, but all I can say is that someone, somewhere, must’ve been watching over me to have brought these people into my life. So here’s some major people appreciation to the people who gave up their time to support me. Thank you. I love y’all dearly.




5 thoughts on “People Appreciation

  1. Emma! You make me sound way cooler than I am! True, back in the olden days of writing, we didn’t have the ability to reach out across state lines and even oceans, but we made due. I’m SO glad I have found you and so many others to share what I learned and learn so much more. We’re in this together! <3 YOU, MY WALRUS! And I am so proud of you!

    • HA!!! It’s hardly the olden days – it was just not as active online – you make yourself sound 100 and you’re totally not!! I’m SO glad I found you too – I feel really lucky AND I am so proud of YOU! <3 (now has high school musical song stuck in head) lol xxx

    • P.S – There is no possible way to make you sound cooler than you are because you are WAY cool 😉

  2. I am so glad I did the NaNo thing. Not only because I needed a little push to get my behind in gear and move forward, but also because now I get a little bit of your awesomeness shared with me 🙂 You are truly one of a kind – that’s supposed to be a compliment by the way 🙂

    • Thank you, Dena, that’s so sweet. I just feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing people as friends 🙂

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