Designs by Em

From the perfect bookbub advertisement to entire author branding packages, I can make them all to your specifications. I’ve been creating book covers and advertisements for several years and have worked with many published authors both independently and through a publishers. I use a professional picture editing software program, and my images come from Adobe Stock or from another paid for source. My ethos has always been to help other authors – publishing and marketing a book is expensive in its own right, so I’ve always aimed to provide as many services to authors for as little cost as possible. All too often individuals have tried to profit off the back of authors hard work by charging exorbitant prices – you won’t find that here. I’ve built my entire portfolio doing free work for authors who are friends, or authors who found themselves in need of help. I take pride in delivering beautiful designs fit for purpose, and I listen to exactly what the author wants. Below you’ll find some beautiful palette ideas complete with fonts, examples of my work, as well as price lists for each item and for the package. Author branding and advertisements need not cost you your firstborn, and with me – they won’t.

Logo $25

Your logo is your brand – the one device you can use across all of social media consistently and keep forever. Logos maintain their look even when viewed on mobile devices such as a tablet or smart phone.




Social Media Banners $15 each

Each social media platform needs requires a different banner size. Have you ever had to continuously resize an image until it fits in your profile? If you have, then you’ll know how irritating this can be. The integrity of the image gets squashed each time your picture is compressed and you can often end up with squashed, stretched, or highly pixelated images. Each banner made by me is made within the specific pixel size requirement for each social media page. This way, each banner maintains the exact picture you see here and no pixelation or squashing occurs. Additionally, the appearance of profile pictures that have the potential to cover your image are taken into account and those areas are avoided, meaning you end up with a perfectly visible image, as can be seen in the Facebook example below. Please note, if you want to include an author logo on your banner then you’ll need to provide one, or you can buy one from me.

This Facebook example shows how your personal profile picture doesn’t interfere with your profile banner graphics.

As you can see, a Facebook Page banner is sized differently from a Facebook Profile banner.

Twitter banners are perhaps the most finicky of them all, but anything made by me will show clearly on your Twitter profile and nothing will be hidden below your presonal profile picture.

WordPress banners are all sized differently, so you’ll have to give me the size of yours in pixels. Here’s one I made for Rebecca Carpenter – her WordPress banner is very short but wide.

General advertisements $15 each

General advertisements include the details of your promotion as well as pictures of your book as a 3D book and your book cover inside an eReader and smart phone. Each advertisement is priced at $15

Bookbub Advertisements $10

Bookbub require a very specific size. Here are some examples I made for Laura Brown.














Business Cards $15

Business cards are delivered to you by way of a print ready PDF using the CMYK color profile that all professional printers use. Bleed and Trim sizes are taken into account, so you can be sure none of your designs get cut off. Please note, if you’re buying a business card you’ll need to have a logo already or purchase a custom logo from me. Business card sizes after cutting are 2″ x 3.5″









Bookmarks $15

Bookmarks are also delivered to you by way of a print ready PDF using the CMYK color profile that all professional printers use. Bleed and Trim sizes are taken into account, so you can be sure none of your designs get cut off. Bookmark size after printer cutting is 2″ x 6″ If you want to include a logo on your bookmark you’ll need to have one already, or you can purchase a logo from me.


















Full Package $120

The full package includes:

  • 1 Logo
  • All Social Media Banners (Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Twitter, WordPress)
  • 1 General Advertisement
  • 1 Bookbub Advertisement
  • 1 Business Card
  • 1 Bookmark

If you want to buy all of the above, you can make a $20 saving. You can mix and match, so for example if you don’t want a bookmark and would prefer 2 general advertisements, you can do that instead.

For your own inspiration!

Inspirational Color Palettes and Fonts: Each palette here contains colors that go well together. These are just to give you an idea of the kinds of colors that go well together, but of course there are many, many more. Each palette have two fonts with them, again just for your inspiration.

To buy any of these services, or to inquire further, please use the contact form below. Please note, once you’ve bought the service full payment is expected via PayPal. All prices are in US Dollars.